Our planet and health are very important.
Sustainability is therefore a very important part of our production process and working method at VDS Manufacturing. 

It is important to make choices that contribute to the three P's: People, Planet and Profit. Sustainability is an important factor in our production process, but we also believe that we should have a good and honest self-reflection. At this moment we still assign ourselves to the " peloton ". Sustainability is a big part of our business but there is still room for improvement. However, we do strive to become greener and to make socially responsible choices. 



 We believe that it is important to employ people who are able to do a good job. We do not exclude people who are at a disadvantage in the labour market. At the moment there is one boy with a distance to the labour market who works for us in the factory. Previously there was another boy, unfortunately he has gone to another employer. We are always open to the possibility of hiring an employee who is at a distance from the labour market. 

Exhaust system 

It is important not just to make investments that will allow you as an organisation to make more profit or that will allow you to run more capacity. It is often also important to invest in matters that enable employees to do their job better. For example, we have installed a completely new extraction system in the hall where all the metal is welded, soldered and bent. It was often completely grey from the smoke, which quickly hit your lungs. This investment eliminates the problem and enables our employees to work healthier.



We produce almost everything in-house. As a result, there are relatively fewer third parties involved in our production process. Because relatively fewer third parties are involved in our production process, we keep our transport and therefore our CO2 emissions to a minimum. This is an advantage of in-house production. Partly due to the investment in new machines, such as the tube laser, we do not need to outsource this work to a third party.     

ISO 14001

Since 2008 VDS Manufacturing's has been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for its environmental quality policy, we are proud of that.

The ISO 14001 certificate indicates that, as a production company, we strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance and comply with the standards required by ISO. An environmentally friendly and healthy production environment is therefore one of the core values for VDS Manufacturing. The last certificate we received was on 25 July 2017.

A few examples of what we as VDS comply with:

  • Leadership

    • Our management must be involved in the environmental management system. They have to communicate the importance of environmental friendliness, setting sustainability goals and guiding people in the context of sustainable operations for example.

  • Planning

    • A number of things need to be planned in relation to the reduction of the environmental burden. Some of the things that can be considered are:

      • Reducing CO2 emissions

      • Drawing up and implementing an energy-saving plan

      • Optimal improvement of the life cycle of a product

  • Implementation

    • Actions are planned in the planning phase, then they have to be implemented. ISO 14001 sets out a number of requirements for this subject, which means that it will also be implemented.

Energy consumption reduction

In recent years we have reduced our energy consumption through our energy saving plan. This saving is mainly due to the fact that all conventional fluorescent tubes have been replaced by LED fluorescent tubes. LED fluorescent tubes save at least 50% on energy emissions. The growth of 2018 compared to 2017 is logical because we as a company continue to grow. A new hall has been put into use and in addition our powdercoating hall has been opened an extra day. 

Scheiding van al het afval

We generate a lot of waste in the factory. There are many packages of products or pieces of metal which cannot be used by us. What do we do with this waste? We recycle everything. In the factory we have five different types of containers. We have a large plastic waste bag at several places in the factory. We also have a waste bin for iron/metal at several locations in the factory. We also have a separate bin for chemical waste such as tubes of glue or aerosols. Of course we also have containers for both paper and residual waste. We store the metal outside in large containers. These are collected and brought to the landfill to be reused. 


We invest in several projects and innovations with the profit that we make. Many of these innovations have a socially responsible or sustainable edge. A few large projects are described below. 

As mentioned before, the extraction system was installed in the first hall. This extraction system creates a cleaner and healthier workplace for our employees. 

Machines make it possible for our employees to do less strenuous work. In addition, machines ensure better in-house production. Examples of some machines are the laser machine, welding robots, bending machines and the poeder coat machine.

In a factory of 20,000 m2 a lot of lights are used. All these lights used to be conventional fluorescent lamps. These have all been replaced by TL Led lighting. This allows us to save up to 50% less energy. 

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